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Case Study - Andreas Weber's Repatriation

Andreas Weber faces a difficult decision in this case study. He could decide to stay in New York at a job that is proving difficult to maintain because of the toll it is taking on his family and loved ones. Alternatively, he could choose to return to his home country of Germany to a lesser-paid position in a remote area, losing out on all the experience he gained while rising through the ranks of the company during his time in New York (Stall & Mendenhall 2017). This analysis will address the root causes of this toll exacted by the company and how, in the future, they could prevent issues associated with international assignments.
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Strategic Management Plan - Netflix

This analysis determines the appropriate course of action Netflix should take to maximize strategic management formulas that enable the growth of the company. It is determined through careful examination of the external and internal environments present in the industry and within Netflix that the acquisition of the company VRV would benefit Netflix by expanding its audiences to the niche markets of anime watchers and gamers. Several other potential strategies are presented in this analysis that could be implemented; however, it is deemed that the Acquisition strategy holds the most value for the foreseeable future of Netflix.

Pfizer Case Analysis – Strategic Management

The purpose of this case analysis is to determine if, with the patent expiration of Lipitor, is Pfizer able to maintain delivering a sustainable pipeline of profitable drugs or should they reassess and make significant changes to strategic management. Key factors presented in the case study are aspects like the decrease in revenues, a recent drop in short-term investments, regulations and increased costs associated with research and development of new drugs to bring to market, and complex manufacturing operations for pharmaceuticals.

Analysis of Cross-Cultural Management in China

In the following analysis, we will discuss various factors that might deter or encourage a foreign company to enter China and conduct business. These factors include the competitiveness of Chinese firms, the economic, political, and social environments of China, and the cultural environment of China, as determined by Hofstede and Trompenaars’ dimensions. Further, we will discuss suggested modes of entry and challenges faced by a company entering the Chinese market, including cultural and HR-specific challenges.

2019 Marketing Plan for Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief Body Cream

The goal of this marketing plan is to revitalize the product Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief Body Cream and restart the product lifecycle. Currently, Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief Body Cream is reaching the end of its product lifecycle and leading to a decline in sales. The goal we perceive as possible is to increase its market share by 4% within the next 24 months by implementing our marketing action programs. These include changing the formula of the brand to a more organic-based formula, redesigning the packaging, and launching two separate advertising campaigns.
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Dragon's Den Gaming - Business Plan

Mock Business Plan - The primary goal of Dragon’s Den Gaming is to open brick and mortar tabletop gaming store in Orlando Florida and over the course of the first five years to see growth of a 10 percent profit margin. We will use those funds to invest back into the business and pay off any debt to our initial investors.

The objective is to obtain our initial startup investment to finance the opening inventory purchase and first six months startup costs.

Economic Analysis of Dragon’s Den Gaming

The objective of this analysis is to define the key market of Dragon’s Den Gaming as well as compare it to other competitors with close substitutes. It also determines major obstacles to gaining market power and presents how to overcome those obstacles.

Through the utilization of research and logic, the author presents price discrimination opportunities and assesses the viability of different methods of execution for those opportunities.

Keywords: key market, market obstacles, price discrimination, substitution